Design für Büro- und Geschäftsräume

Design for Office and Business Premises


Even if the location and size of a property is optimal, difficulties to sell or let arise.

Two factors are often decisive:

  • the exterior of the property is repellent (unkempt, dark, run-down)
  • at first sight the interior of the building gives no indication for economical and effective use (because of incorrect space divisions, over furnishing, cluttered or deserted spaces or intimidating and huge spaces).

Many years ago in the United States marketing ideas were developed to deal with visual reasons for not selling or letting a property; and for some time these ideas have been successfully implemented in the UK and Sweden. This method is called “staging”.
“Staging” is a way of preparative handling of buildings inside and out, to make buildings more attractive for sale or letting. Severe damages on the façade (flacking, dirt, mould, etc.) are removed and interior deficiencies obviously remedied.

“Staging” in particular denotes furnishing of rooms and space for showroom purposes. It reflects the best possible usage through optimal room division and aesthetic/functional furniture.

Staging measure as a rule are temporary and offer basic ideas and suggestions to buyers and tenants. Professional “stagers” have at their disposal furniture and other fixtures on loan.

According to statistics “staged” real estate can be sold or let up to 50% easier and achieve a significantly higher selling price or rent.

If you intend to sell or let your real estate, you should first of all make use of my effective staging implementations in the exterior and interior of the building or space.