Design für Büro- und Geschäftsräume

Design for Office and Business Premises


The concept of a “Perfect Interior Design” is based on precise analysis of the existing situation, designating the super-ordinate objectives as individuality, identification, aestheticization, functionality, purpose orientation and describes all strategies and measures for implementation.

Super-ordinate objectives:

  • Individuality
  • Identification
  • Aestheticization
  • Functionality
  • Purpose orientation

The concept:

  • concretely formulates detailed suggestions for the redesign or new design measures to be carried out
  • delivers sound reasons and if possible provides visual material
  • describes the individual steps of implementation with consideration given to priorities (Which changes are most important? Which renewals are absolutely necessary?)
  • contains general relevant information (trends, market development, economic findings, etc.)
  • makes expert suggestions (for materials, manufacturers, etc.)
  • gives a rough cost estimate

I compile my interior design concept, according to requirement, in written form, either as a detailed report or only as essential aspects.