Design für Büro- und Geschäftsräume

Design for Office and Business Premises


As a freelancer I work independently. This freedom allows creativity and leaves plenty of room for own ideas. Owing to the superb quality of my design concepts and my expertise, responsible assistance with practical implementation, I was able to establish myself in the interior design sector. My customers have also appreciated my many years of marketing experience and professionalism.

My hourly fee depends on the level of difficulty, the situation of the company, furthermore specifications and wishes of the client.
There is a charge for consultations without subsequent commissioning.
The hourly fee is € 120.
A flat rate can be agreed upon for an extensive and time-consuming assignment.

According to the Artists' Social Security Fund of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, businesses which on regular basis make use of the works or services of artists, designers and publishers for the purpose of generating revenue in connection with this usage (directly or indirectly) are obliged to pay into the Artists' Social Security Fund.
This obligation has to be fulfilled by the company even if the freelance designer/artist/author is not a member of the Artists' Social Security Fund.