Design für Büro- und Geschäftsräume

Design for Office and Business Premises


A fee will be charged for consultation in relation to scope and time. After commissioning the first consultation hour is free-of-charge.
After viewing your property – your office or commercial premises – and after an initial analysis of the exterior and interior, I will give you my expert assessment of prioritized deficiencies.

Experience shows that visual “weak points” are immediately seen at first glance by the trained, unbiased and perceptive eye.
I will immediately give you spontaneous ideas and discuss the possibilities for improvement or rectification of obvious defects.
Sometimes, only a few things need to be changed in your property (facade, entrance area, interior rooms, lounges, etc.).
Targeted, effective design measures can often be implemented with little effort and costs.

For an operational design conception following basic questions arise:
What impression of a property do buyers/tenants/customers have from the outside?
How does the interior design influence the motivation of the employees?
What message does the customer receive from the reception/offices/ commercial spaces about your company, product, and services?

A “Perfect Interior Design” considers all these important aspects. It is based on my experience in the marketing and design sector – since both areas influence each other.

Give me a call and make a consultation appointment!