Design für Büro- und Geschäftsräume

Design for Office and Business Premises


An exact analysis of a property appearance, exterior and/ or interior is an important prerequisite for an effective design measure.

1. In the event that the building/commercial space/office premises should be sold or let, my analysis focuses on defects which can be seen “at first sight” and which will reduce the sales potential or could stand in the way of successful letting.
The defects, as a rule, are visual and are meticulously documented by me.
An initial “site visit” of a rental or for sale property has the advantage, that immediately weak points in the building and rooms are noticed by me which no longer are seen by its occupants during daily operation, such as unkempt facades, dark entrance areas, wrong space divisions, ugly floors and wall designs etc.

2. In the event of continuing ownership or tenancy, owners and tenants will want improvements with a “perfect interior design”; in my analysis I will show pro and cons of the already professionally used rooms and spaces.

I will critically examine all determining factors of a room, primarily the visual elements, which influence the work atmosphere and processes: room division, furniture, lighting, wall and floor quality, colours, materials, accessories, etc.

3. On clients’ request I will review in my analysis already existing visual indicators of “corporate design” or show possibilities for realization through “Perfect Interior Design”.

I will compile details of the existing condition of the property – facade, entrance, reception, offices or business premises – with the focus on those property aspects, which the client wishes to change or renew.
As a result of my analysis there will be important decision-making aids for changes or re-design measures for your “valuable” property.